Provincial Police Department teams made inspections in more interesting parts of the city due to curfews within the scope of coronavirus inspections. Police received a report that a person was drinking alcohol in the Tematik Park on Alpaslan Türkeş Boulevard in Fatih District. Teams going to the park caught Şeyma D. drinking alcohol.

Saying to the police that her mother fired her from the house and was unaware of the curfew, Şeyma D. said, “Well, I did nothing. My mother kicked me out of the house. ” Stating that she has 2 children, Şeyma D. refused the police’s allowance to take her to the hospital.

Şeyma D., “What happens, help me? I have no place to go. I apologize to you. I have no guilt and no sin. Would you leave me? What have I done. Is it a woman’s murder? Everybody hear my voice. I have 2 daughters. How many years I have not seen it. I graduated from high school. I won the university I did not go. It is enough. Please leave me now. I did not do anything. I didn’t know it was forbidden. I don’t know, ”he said.

Şeyma D., who was fined 4 thousand 50 Turkish lira for violating the curfew and not wearing a mask, was taken to a relative’s home in accordance with the decision of the Provincial General Hygiene Board.

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