The coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic also hit Bodrum Municipality. Despite the warnings and all the precautions taken, the virus spreads rapidly. It has been learned that until now, 134 employees of Bodrum Municipality have been quarantined due to the Corona virus. Among them, it was learned that 29 employees were infected with the virus and an average of 3 employees were exposed to the Kovid-19 epidemic every 24 hours recently. Finally, he explained that Bodrum Deputy Mayor Hüseyin Tutkun’s tests were positive, so Bodrum Mayor Ahmet Aras also insulated himself until the test results were obtained for precautionary purposes.

Speaking at the Bodrum Municipal Council the other day, Bodrum Mayor Ahmet Aras stated that 134 employees are in quarantine and said:

“Measures being taken by the government, some restrictions came. We, as the local government, think that we should take some necessary measures for the health of our people. We took some precautions and measures within the municipality. On the street, our friends and police teams are working hard. The biggest measure is the one taken personally. It will take public measures, but protecting one’s own health is in his own hands. While we had a pandemic in Bodrum with 40 or 50 cases in the summer season and until now, with a very low mortality rate, this situation increased to 50 cases per day by the end of September. This is of course the result of known cases, those who felt bad and had the test. 134 friends are currently under quarantine in Bodrum Municipality and 29 of our friends have been diagnosed positively. Some of them got better. Every day we get information that 2 or 3 of our friends are positive. We take measures in some units of our municipality. When 2 of my close colleagues were positive, I also left for isolation. In 2 tests I had, it was negative and we started working. A friend of our vice president had a test in Ankara and he was positive. “

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