In Aksaray, A.Ç. went to the hospital and had a test last night after showing symptoms of coronavirus. The paramedics told the young man to be isolated in his home until results came out. However, A.Ç. went for a ride today without waiting for the test result. The test result was positive.

The paramedics also called A.Ç. by phone and gave information. When A.Ç. said he was outside, the situation was reported to the police. The police, who went to the area where A.Ç. was located, formed a circle around the young man and did not allow anyone to approach until the ambulance arrived.


Corona shock in Bodrum Municipality!

A.Ç., waiting for the ambulance, asked the journalists “Why are you going out?” “I did not know that I was positive. So I went to the market. I gave a test yesterday. When I came to the market, the doctor called me and said that the test was positive. I waited for the medical teams to come.”

A.Ç., who was taken to his home where he will undergo the quarantine process by ambulance, was fined 3 thousand 150 TL on the grounds that he violated the decisions of the Provincial General Hygiene Board.

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