Ozan Güven, who was first removed from the cast of the TV series ‘Babil’, in which he shared the leading role with Halit Ergenç, was canceled, and left Istanbul.

According to the news of the “Magazine Line” screened on TV100; Ozan Güven settled in the island of Cunda. Famous actress; Famous names such as Rasim Öztekin, Bülent İnal, Beren Saat and Perran Kutman also rented a house on the island where they have their summer residence.

Ozan Güven was last visited by his close friend Şevket Çoruh. Çoruh also played the leading role of Ozan Güven in the play ‘Don Quixote’ of the theater he owned last season.

Şevket Çoruh, who completed his shootings in “Back Streets” earlier this week, took his breath in Cunda. The famous actress, who landed on the beach with Ozan Güven, published the photo she shared with the note “A ship anchored in calm times”.

The bearded state of Ozan Güven, who was preparing to appear before the judge on January 21 for the assault case, drew attention.

It was learned that the 45-year-old player, who was observed to be in good mood, did not intend to return to Istanbul until the court was concluded.

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