The Clubs Association announced that all players who played in the Super League and TFF 1st League matches this week will be inactive for 1 minute at the beginning of the match due to the disruption of the extra earnings payment by the broadcaster.


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The following statements were made in the joint statement made by the Super League Clubs Association Foundation and the Association of the 1st League Football Clubs:

“As the Super League Clubs Association Foundation and the 1st League Football Clubs Association, which is the most fundamental stakeholder of Turkish football, we have long been encountering disruptions and serious problems in the payments required by the broadcaster.

In the troubled period, we have made the clubs worried about the fact that the broadcaster does not fulfill its obligations despite the reduction of our revenues, all our efforts and understanding, all the negotiations, contacts, consultations between TFF and the parties, and also the agreement between the parties. and bog it.

In this context, with the start whistle in all competitions to be played as Super League Clubs and 1st League Clubs in the 13th week of the Super League and in the 15th week of the TFF 1st League, all players will protest by not fighting for 60 seconds.

We expect Digiturk beIN Media Group, which has been our business partner for many years, to solve our financial problems urgently mentioned above.

Nobody should have any doubt that such actions will be taken within the framework of the law, if necessary, in order to end the current uncertain situation and to fulfill the conditions that our clubs deserve as per the terms of the contract. “


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