Cüneyt Arkın, one of the master actors of Turkish cinema, made sincere statements in his interview with Hürriyet. The highlights from Arkin’s interview are as follows;


Sets have changed, but the love of viewers of all generations for Cüneyt Arkın never changes. What’s the secret to this?

You will be honest with the Turkish people. You will be heartfelt and sincere. You will love him, you will touch him… I loved the Turkish people very much. He also loved me very much… Then I came to this profession from among the public as a doctor. Turkish people are very loyal people. He looks with his heart, not with his eyes. He has great common sense. I have never lied or cheated until today. Right, I did what I was.

Cüneyt Arkın tells his story that began in a mud-brick house in the Mahmure District of Eskişehir in 1937 with the following statements:

“We had a hundred sheep. My two older sisters, my mother, my father, I, we were after those hundred sheep. Sometimes my father would hit the saddlebag on the donkey and go. When he came, one bag would have other parts and the other would have wheat. My two sisters and I, our hands are covered in blood, their wheat And my father would sow like a child without cutting each grain. His mind was there. The red of Eskişehir woke me up in one of the mornings that went to eternity. In a great silence, he said, ‘Look, the crops are growing, they are sprouting, do you hear the sounds of growth?’ ”


Good news from the master player caught in coronavirus

“My father was a person who became nature itself. I also grew up in nature. I could not find the sweet sleep I slept on cowsheds and sheep in Eskişehir even in the most luxurious hotels.”

How does growing up in such an environment affect the human soul?

I was a guardian of the garden in primary school to support my family. I was alone in nature for three months. I had two dogs and a colt with me … This experience gave my heart such richness, deep thinking and awareness that I gained strength from this accumulation during my time as “Cüneyt Arkın”. I learned friendship, kindness, and loyalty from my dogs while longing for everyone for three months in nature. I also learned patience and endurance from colts. Of course, I learned from my father, the man of nature, to be kavi, not to be defeated, to endure. My mother’s hands were full of calluses from working in the field He would cover it with henna. My dear mother…

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